Access Palm Profile Account Without Reactivating Phone

If you have an old Verizon Palm Pixi or other Palm device, you can still use it for wifi only with service.  Most likely the carrier service has been cancelled for over a year.  If the phone freezes up and logs you out of your palm profile account, you may still be able to log back into the palm profile account without reactivating the phone service.  If this happens the phone will not normally let me log back into to your profile profile because there is no data service.  So is there may be a way for you to easily log in without putting service back on the phone and without losing all the data currently on it?

Assume the phone webOS, use devicetool.jar to unlock/turn on dev mode, if not already on, grab activation bypass patch, from the meta doctor application github web site, use webOS Quick Install, PreWare, or Internalz pro, to install patch. Once patch is installed, configure WiFi, then use impostah (from preware or webOS Quick Install), remove skipped first Palm Profile in accounts, then reset the palm profile, let it reboot, log in with wifi.  Of course all actions are at your own risk and caution should be used.


HP TouchPad Review

The Hewlett-Packard company has jumped into the PC market with the HP TouchPad.  This make the HP TouchPad just one of the many tablets to enter the market and latest one to sit under Apple’s shadow.   The HP TouchPad is based on the WebOS mobile operating system.  HP acquired the Palm OS a year … Continue reading

TouchPad Movies

HP webOS apps now allows movies, TV shows, and songs to be directly played on your HP TouchPad.  With HP MovieStore, U.S. TouchPad owners can rent or buy thousands of recent films and TV programs from some of the top studios and networks.  If an internet connection is not always available, you can download videos … Continue reading

webOS update

On August 1st, HP announce an update is available.   The update will automatically upgrade your HP TouchPad to webOS version 3.0.2.   With this update comes performance and reliability enhancements.  A number of the updates came as the result of customer comments from the blog, twitter, and other social media areas.  These updates help smartphones and … Continue reading

HP MovieStore

New HP webOS apps are now available to watch millions of movies, TV shows, and songs right on your HP TouchPad.   With the new HP MovieStore TouchPad owners can rent or buy many recent films and TV programs.  For your convenience, your can download videos and watch them later.  If you do not always have … Continue reading

Spotify Is Available in the U.S.

After a long wait the rumors and speculations have come true.  The popular European music service called Spotify is now available in the U.S. An with the major labels on board, this service has one less hurdle to jump.   Last Thursday, consumers in the U.S. were able to sign up for Spotify’s paid service.  Service … Continue reading

Kindle for TouchPad is now available!

HP TouchPad owners in the US can now curl up with a good book on their TouchPad.  While just in Beta, the new Kindle webOS app is now available  for the HP TouchPad.   Thanks to the Amazon Kindle Store the TouchPad now has access to more than 950,000 titles as well as thousands of the … Continue reading

HP TouchPad 4G Announced

HP has announced that the HP TouchPad 4G will be available exclusively in the United States through AT&T.  Should be available this early fall.  The spec for the new HP TouchPad 4G will have also been announced.  The new TouchPad will have  a 1.5 ghz processor, 32 GB of internal storage, integrated GPS and wireless … Continue reading

Pre 2 Now Available at Verizon

Today, Verizon announced the arrival of the Pre 2 smartphone.  The Pre 2 is a follow-up to the Palm Pre.  The new smartphone will be available in Verizon Wireless stores on February 17th.  The powerful new Pre 2 will feature webOS 2.0.  This smartphone operating system includes Just Type, multitasking, HP Synergy and support for … Continue reading